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October 15 2018

Eavor Technologies announces new funding and partnerships

Innovative geothermal company eyes Saskatchewan for new development

Eavor Technologies is pleased to announce the awarding of new grants and partnerships that will serve to further advance their unique and innovative geothermal technology. The most recent commitments, from Alberta Innovates, provides funding towards the construction of Eavor’s first full-scale reference site. The site will also serve as an ongoing R&D facility to further develop this game-changing technology.

Unlike traditional geothermal, Eavor’s patented Made-in-Canada technology (called Eavor-Loop) does not require volcanic type temperatures or permeable aquifers. This not only removes the need for fracking, water treatment or water reinjection, it also makes geothermal massively scalable for the very first time.

With development projects under consideration in both Alberta and the Netherlands, Eavor has also turned its attention to the province of Saskatchewan. While geologically similar to Alberta, Saskatchewan has been identified as having practical green energy objectives, as well as an already well-established and straight-forward geothermal regulatory framework as part of its Prairie Resilience initiative.

“Eavor-Loop is arguably the World’s first truly scalable form of green baseload power and can build off Western Canada’s natural oil & gas skillset,” said John Redfern, President & CEO of Eavor Technologies. “We have an opportunity for the prairies to be a true leader in this modern green technology, not just in North America but across the world.”

Eavor has also recently been invited to work with Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) for the next year. This exciting program is focused on the development of massively scalable, science-based companies. CDL has programs with Universities and strategic investors in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax as well as New York.

June 20 2018

Hot Commodity: Geothermal electricity in Alberta

Canada West Foundation publishes new report on Geothermal Energy featuring innovative Eavor-Loop
Press Release
Report – Hot Commodity: Geothermal Electricity in Alberta

May 10 2018

Eavor at Energy Disruptors 2018

Eavor will be presenting and participating in Energy Innovation Showcase at Energy Disruptors Conference in Calgary on May 15th 2018.

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April 20 2018

Jeanine Vany joins Eavor as Executive Vice President of Geosciences

Jeanine Vany is an APEGA registered professional geologist with a career spanning over 15 years in the oil and gas industry. Her experience ranges from reservoir characterization, drilling and operations to full field delineation strategies, asset management, and acquisition. Vany has spent her career at foremost E&P companies such as EnCana, Devon and Total. She joined GLJ Petroleum Consultants in 2012, where she led the geoscience aspects of in-situ reserves and resource evaluations in addition to working deep basin unconventional plays.  Prior to joining Eavor™, Vany managed geoscience at Castle Rock, a consultancy firm specializing in the geothermal space as it relates to oil and gas.

Jeanine holds an Honours B.Sc degree in Geology and Environmental Studies from Saint Mary’s University and a Business Essentials Certificate from the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary.

March 15 2018

Matt Toews joins Eavor as Chief Technology Officer

Matt Toews is a professional engineer with over a decade of experience in production and operations with a focus on management and technology development. Fueled by a passion for new ventures and developing projects from the ground up, Toews has produced an extensive portfolio of pilot projects with a successful track record of creating value through technology commercialization.  During his tenure at Cenovus Energy, Toews led a team accountable for wellbore design and optimization at Cenovus’ thermal assets – the largest such assets in the world which produce an aggregate 370,000 bbl/d. He has also managed the commercialization of solvent-assisted SAGD technology for these assets.

Toews graduated with Distinction from the University of Calgary Oil and Gas Engineering, and is a member of APEGA and SPE. He has authored and co-authored several papers and currently has multiple patents pending.

March 12 2018

Eavor Press Release


The World’s First Steady, Reliable Source of Green Power

New energy tech company, Eavor™, may change the way we source energy forever

March 12, 2018 (Calgary, Alberta) – Eavor™ (pronounced “Ever”) is an Alberta-based tech company that is set to transform the power industry with an innovative, highly efficient and scalable technology for extracting green energy from the Earth’s natural heat. Today’s green energy technologies don’t produce baseload power as they rely on energy sources that are both intermittent and unreliable (such as solar and wind). Eavor™ has invented a geothermal power generation technology (called Eavor-Loop™) that overcomes all the traditional roadblocks to geothermal power, such as the requirement for unusually high ground temperatures.

Thanks to advances in directional drilling technology, Eavor-Loop™is able to create a closed loop system allowing the use of circulated rather than produced fluids. This heated fluid is then used to generate electricity on the surface and achieve scalability not previously seen for geothermal energy. This configuration also creates an environment where a thermosiphon effect can improve the overall net power production of the system. The closed nature of this loop also has numerous other advantages over traditional geothermal including, no fracking, no harming existing aquifers and no need for specific rock formations or volcanic hot spots.

“With Eavor-Loop™, we are bringing forward a sustainable technology that has longevity. These generational assets we are building can potentially last for 50+ years with minimal maintenance,said John Redfern, President and CEO of Eavor. “What we’ve created is the first ever clean, scalable, baseload power solution and we’re thrilled to be bringing this development first to Alberta and then the world.”

Eavor-Loop™ is efficient enough that it runs off the Earth’s natural heat gradient, emits zero pollution, poses zero safety risk and has a negligible physical footprint. This allows power to be generated in a distributed manner coincident with populations, thus reducing unnecessary transmission losses and capital expenditures.

“The world’s energy demands are increasing. Our goal is to help satisfy this ever-growing demand while still maintaining a low carbon footprint,” said Jeff Smith, COO and Director of Eavor™. “The innovative technology behind Eavor-Loop™ demonstrates how we can be both efficient and mindful with our science, so the impacts are beneficial for everyone. The conversation over energy efficiency, in a time of climate change, is an increasingly important one. We believe Eavor™ is at the forefront of this energy revolution.”

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Eavor™ is an Alberta-based tech company that has developed the world’s first scalable, steady, and reliable source of green power. This new highly effective green power generation system is called Eavor-Loop™. Eavor-Loop™ uses existing commercial componentry configured in a completely novel way to leverage recent advances in drilling techniques together with the latest heat to power generation technology.  The combination allows Eavor-Loop™ to overcome all the traditional drawbacks to geothermal energy to create a scalable power source that is both green and reliable – a previously intractable tradeoff.

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